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Yamamotoyama Genmai-cha Tea Bag 16 Pack 1.69 oz

Yamamotoyama Genmai-cha Tea Bag 16 Pack 1.69 oz

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Why Choose Yamamotoyama Genmai-cha Tea Bag 1.69 oz?

  1. Unique Flavor Profile: Yamamotoyama Genmai-cha Tea Bag offers a distinctive blend of green tea and roasted brown rice, known as genmai-cha, creating a rich and toasty flavor profile with hints of nuttiness.

  2. Balanced and Nutritious: Genmai-cha is prized for its balanced combination of green tea's health benefits and the nutritional value of roasted brown rice, making it a wholesome and satisfying choice.

  3. Convenient Tea Bags: Each 1.69 oz package contains tea bags for easy brewing, ensuring a consistent and convenient way to enjoy genmai-cha tea at home or on the go.

  4. Traditional Japanese Tea: Genmai-cha is a traditional Japanese tea with a long history, offering a cultural and authentic tea-drinking experience cherished by tea enthusiasts.


What's Inside:

  • 1.69 oz Yamamotoyama Genmai-cha Tea Bags


How to Enjoy:

  1. Place one tea bag in a cup or mug.
  2. Pour hot water (not boiling) over the tea bag.
  3. Steep for 1-2 minutes to allow the flavors to infuse.
  4. Remove the tea bag and enjoy your soothing cup of genmai-cha tea.


Experience the delightful flavors and cultural heritage of genmai-cha tea with Yamamotoyama Genmai-cha Tea Bag 1.69 oz, perfect for a relaxing tea break or as part of your daily tea ritual

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