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Mitsubishi Kamukamu Ume Candy 1.05 oz

Mitsubishi Kamukamu Ume Candy 1.05 oz

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Why Choose Mitsubishi Kamukamu Ume 1.05 oz?

  1. Ume Flavor: Dive into the tart and fruity flavor of Mitsubishi Kamukamu Ume, featuring the traditional taste of Japanese plum (ume).
  2. Convenient Size: The 1.05 oz pack is conveniently sized, making it easy to enjoy a burst of ume goodness anytime, anywhere.
  3. Authentic Japanese Snack: Mitsubishi offers authentic Japanese snacks, ensuring quality and taste in every bite.
  4. Satisfaction Guaranteed: Experience the satisfaction of traditional Japanese flavors with Mitsubishi Kamukamu Ume candy.


What's Included (1 Pack):

  • Mitsubishi Kamukamu Ume (1.05 oz)


Mitsubishi Kamukamu Ume offers a tangy and refreshing taste of Japanese plum (Ume) in a convenient candy form. With its unique flavor and delightful sourness, it's a popular choice for those craving a distinctively Japanese fruit experience.


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