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Gishi Warabi Mochi DIY Set 3.52 oz

Gishi Warabi Mochi DIY Set 3.52 oz

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Why Choose Gishi Warabi Mochi DIY Set?

  1. Traditional Japanese Dessert: Enjoy making and tasting Warabi Mochi, a classic and beloved Japanese dessert, in the comfort of your home with this convenient DIY set.
  2. Fun and Easy Preparation: The set includes all the ingredients and instructions needed to create this delightful treat, making it easy and enjoyable for everyone, including beginners.
  3. Authentic Taste: Made with high-quality ingredients, this DIY set ensures an authentic and delicious Warabi Mochi experience, perfect for sharing with family and friends.

What's Included (4 Servings):

  • 3.52 oz Gishi Warabi Mochi DIY Set
  • Sweet Potatoe Starch
  • Soybean Flour
  • Brown Sugar and Honey Syrup 

Product Description:

The Gishi Warabi Mochi DIY Set allows you to experience the joy of making and enjoying a traditional Japanese dessert at home. This set includes everything you need to create Warabi Mochi, from the ingredients to easy-to-follow instructions. Made with high-quality components, it guarantees an authentic taste that is both delightful and satisfying. Perfect for sharing with family and friends, the Gishi Warabi Mochi DIY Set is a fun and delicious way to enjoy a classic Japanese treat.

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