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Tarami Dossari Jelly Cup Mix Fruits 8.11 oz

Tarami Dossari Jelly Cup Mix Fruits 8.11 oz

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Why Choose Tarami Dossari Jelly Cup Mix Fruits?

  1. Assorted Fruit Flavors: Dive into a medley of fruit flavors, including strawberries, peaches, and more, for a vibrant and tasty dessert experience.
  2. Juicy Jelly Delight: Each cup is filled with juicy jelly pieces infused with the essence of mixed fruits, offering a burst of fruity goodness in every spoonful.
  3. Single-Serve Convenience: The 8.11 oz cup is a convenient and portable option, allowing you to enjoy a mix of delightful fruit flavors as a quick snack or dessert.


What's Included:

  • Quantity: 8.11 oz
  • Flavors: Mix Fruits


Product Description:

Treat yourself to the delightful assortment of Tarami Dossari Jelly Cup Mix Fruits, a colorful and flavorful dessert bursting with the goodness of assorted fruits

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