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Takumi No Kometsukuri Koshikari Rice 11 lbs

Takumi No Kometsukuri Koshikari Rice 11 lbs

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Why Choose Takumi No Kometsukuri Koshikari Rice?

  1. Premium Quality: This rice is cultivated with care and expertise, ensuring a high-quality product that cooks to perfection.
  2. Short Grain Variety: Koshikari rice is known for its short, plump grains that have a sticky texture ideal for sushi, onigiri, and other Japanese dishes.
  3. Versatile Usage: Enjoy this rice as a staple in traditional Japanese cuisine or use it creatively in fusion recipes for a unique culinary experience.


What's Included:

  • Quantity: 11 lbs
  • Rice Type: Koshikari


Product Description:

Experience the excellence of Takumi No Kometsukuri Koshikari Rice, a premium short grain rice that brings authentic Japanese flavors to your table

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