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Nestle Kaoru Maroyaka Milk Tea 26 Piece 5.39 oz

Nestle Kaoru Maroyaka Milk Tea 26 Piece 5.39 oz

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Why Choose Nestle Kaoru Maroyaka Milk Tea?

  1. Creamy Milk Tea Flavor: Nestle Kaoru Maroyaka Milk Tea offers a delightful blend of rich tea and creamy milk, creating a smooth and comforting beverage.
  2. Convenient Sachets: The pack includes 26 individual sachets, making it easy to prepare a delicious cup of milk tea anytime.
  3. Popular in Japan: Enjoy the authentic taste of Japanese milk tea, a beloved beverage choice in Japan.


What's Included:

  • Quantity: 26 sachets
  • Total Weight: 5.39 oz


Product Description:

Savor the creamy and comforting taste of Nestle Kaoru Maroyaka Milk Tea, a convenient and delicious way to enjoy Japanese milk tea at home

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