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Nestle Nescafe Fuwa Latte Excella 6.88 oz

Nestle Nescafe Fuwa Latte Excella 6.88 oz

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Why Choose Nestle Nescafe Fuwa Latte Excella?

  1. Creamy and Smooth Flavor: Nestle Nescafe Fuwa Latte Excella offers a beautifully creamy and smooth latte experience, ideal for coffee lovers who enjoy a balanced and rich taste.
  2. Quick and Easy Preparation: Simply add hot water to create a delicious cup of latte in seconds, providing convenience for your daily coffee needs.
  3. Popular Japanese Brand: Known for its exceptional quality, Nescafe Fuwa Latte Excella is a favorite among coffee enthusiasts in Japan, ensuring an authentic and satisfying coffee experience.


What's Included:

  • Weight: 6.88 oz


Product Description:

Indulge in the creamy and smooth taste of Nestle Nescafe Fuwa Latte Excella, a convenient and premium instant latte that brings the authentic flavors of Japanese coffee culture to your home

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