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Kosho Tarako Pasta Sauce 4.93 oz

Kosho Tarako Pasta Sauce 4.93 oz

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Why Choose Kosho Tarako Pasta Sauce 4.93 oz?

1. Unique Tarako Flavor:
Kosho Tarako Pasta Sauce features a unique and delicious tarako (cod roe) flavor, adding a delightful seafood twist to your pasta creations.
2. Convenient Pack Size:
With a 4.93 oz jar, this pasta sauce is perfect for single servings or for adding a burst of flavor to your favorite pasta dishes


What's Included:

  • Pack Size: 4.93 oz
  • Servings: Multiple servings per jar


Experience the delightful seafood flavor of Kosho Tarako Pasta Sauce, perfect for adding a unique twist to your pasta meals with its rich and savory taste

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