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Jonetz Salt & Pepper Seasoning 7.6 oz

Jonetz Salt & Pepper Seasoning 7.6 oz

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Why Choose Jonetz Salt & Pepper Seasoning 7.6 oz?

  1. Jonetz In-House Brand: Discover Jonetz, Tokyo Central's exclusive in-house brand renowned for using top-quality Japanese ingredients in Japan. Backed by a parent company with deep roots in Japan, Jonetz ensures a premium taste at an affordable price for every product.

  2. Versatile Seasoning: Jonetz Salt & Pepper Seasoning is a versatile blend that enhances the flavor of a wide range of dishes.
  3. Japanese Staple: This seasoning offers a perfect blend of fine salt and pepper, often used in many Japanese dishes.
  4. Convenient Size: With a size of 7.6 oz, this seasoning provides plenty of flavor for various culinary creations.


What's Included:

  • 1 jar of Jonetz Salt & Pepper Seasoning (7.6 oz)


Elevate the taste of your favorite dishes with Jonetz Salt & Pepper Seasoning, a convenient and flavorful addition to your kitchen pantry

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