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Hi-Chew Original Mix Large Bag 12.7 oz

Hi-Chew Original Mix Large Bag 12.7 oz

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Why Choose Hi-Chew Original Mix Large Bag 12.7 oz?

1. Classic Flavor Variety: Enjoy a mix of classic Hi-Chew flavors including strawberry, green apple, mango, and more, providing a nostalgic and satisfying taste experience.

2. Large Quantity: The 12.7 oz bag offers a generous supply of Hi-Chew candies, perfect for stocking up your candy stash or sharing with friends and family.

3. Chewy and Flavorful: Hi-Chew candies are known for their chewy texture and intense fruit flavors, creating a delightful sensory experience with every chew.

4. Timeless Japanese Candy: Hi-Chew Original Mix captures the essence of traditional Japanese candies loved by candy enthusiasts of all ages.


What's Included (1 Pack):

  • 12.7 oz Hi-Chew Original Mix Large Bag


Experience the timeless appeal of Hi-Chew candies with Hi-Chew Original Mix, a delightful assortment of classic flavors that will satisfy your candy cravings

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