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Furuta Fruits Jelly Orange Flavor 88g

Furuta Fruits Jelly Orange Flavor 88g

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Why Furuta SG Fruits Jelly 3.10 Oz?

  1. Unique Flavor Experience: Furuta SG Fruits Jelly offers a taste that may be different from other jellies or desserts available in your area. It could provide a unique flavor profile that appeals to you or your family.
  2. Quality Ingredients: If you value high-quality ingredients or enjoy products imported from specific regions like Japan (assuming SG stands for "Sweets from Japan"), Furuta SG Fruits Jelly might meet your expectations.
  3. Vibrant Fruit Flavors: Experience a symphony of flavors with every bite. From succulent peach to tangy grape, each jelly encapsulates the essence of real fruits.


Indulge in the delightful world of Furuta SG Fruits Jelly, where each bite is a burst of fruity goodness wrapped in a smooth, translucent jelly. Made with care and precision, these Japanese treats offer a perfect balance of sweet flavors and a satisfyingly soft texture.

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