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Butter Peanut Seaweed Salt Norishio 6 Piece 4.23 oz

Butter Peanut Seaweed Salt Norishio 6 Piece 4.23 oz

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Why Choose Butter Peanut Norishio?

  1. Unique Flavor Combination: These Japanese snacks offer a delightful blend of butter, peanuts, and seaweed salt, creating a rich and savory taste that is both unique and delicious.
  2. Crunchy Texture: Each piece provides a satisfying crunch, making them an enjoyable snack for any occasion, whether you’re relaxing at home or need a quick snack on the go.
  3. Authentic Japanese Snack: Made in Japan, these snacks capture the traditional flavors and textures of Japanese cuisine, offering an authentic and enjoyable snacking experience.

What's Included:

  • Quantity: 1 pack of Butter Peanut Norishio (6 pieces)


Product Description:

Experience the delightful and unique taste of Butter Peanut Norishio, a traditional Japanese snack that combines the rich flavors of butter and peanuts with the savory taste of seaweed salt. Made in Japan, these snacks provide an authentic snacking experience with their perfect balance of flavors and satisfying crunch. Each piece is crafted to deliver a unique blend of buttery richness, nutty peanut taste, and a hint of seaweed salt, making them a perfect treat for any time of day. Whether you’re enjoying them with a cup of tea or as a quick snack on the go, Butter Peanut Norishio promises to bring a touch of Japanese culinary tradition to your snacking routine

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