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Blue Impulse Cider Carbonated Soft Drink 11.49 fl. oz

Blue Impulse Cider Carbonated Soft Drink 11.49 fl. oz

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Why Choose Blue Impulse Cider?

  1. Unique and Refreshing Flavor: Blue Impulse Cider offers a crisp, refreshing taste with a hint of sweetness, making it a perfect choice for a revitalizing drink.
  2. Larger Serving Size: At 11.49 fl. oz, this Japanese cider provides a generous portion, ideal for quenching your thirst on a hot day or sharing with friends.
  3. Eye-Catching Design: The vibrant and appealing packaging of Blue Impulse Cider makes it a standout beverage, great for parties, gatherings, or as a gift.


What's Included:

  • Quantity: 11.49 fl. oz of Blue Impulse Cider


Product Description:

Enjoy the invigorating taste of Blue Impulse Cider, a delightful Japanese beverage that combines a crisp and refreshing flavor with a touch of sweetness. This 11.49 fl. oz bottle offers a generous serving size, perfect for satisfying your thirst or sharing with friends. The eye-catching design and vibrant packaging make it an excellent choice for parties, gatherings, or as a unique gift. Experience the revitalizing taste of Blue Impulse Cider and elevate your beverage choices with this exceptional Japanese product

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