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Ajinomoto Rumic White Sauce Mix 1.69 oz

Ajinomoto Rumic White Sauce Mix 1.69 oz

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Why Choose Ajinomoto Rumic White Sauce Mix?

  1. Rich and Creamy: Create a smooth, creamy white sauce perfect for various dishes, from pasta to casseroles.
  2. Authentic Japanese Quality: Crafted with care, this mix brings the taste of Japan to your kitchen.
  3. Versatile Ingredient: Ideal for enhancing the flavor of a wide range of recipes, making it a kitchen essential.
  4. Easy to Use: Just add water or milk to the mix for a quick and delicious white sauce.


What's Included:

  • Ajinomoto Rumic White Sauce Mix 5.3 oz


Elevate your cooking with Ajinomoto RM White Sauce Mix, delivering a rich, creamy sauce that's easy to prepare and perfect for various dishes.

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