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Jonetz Melon Soda 16.91 fl. oz

Jonetz Melon Soda 16.91 fl. oz

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Why Choose Jonetz Melon Soda 16.91 fl. oz.?

  1. Jonetz In-House Brand: Discover Jonetz, Tokyo Central's exclusive in-house brand renowned for delivering top-quality Japanese snacks and items at affordable prices. Backed by a parent company with deep roots in Japan, Jonetz ensures premium taste and value in every product.

  2. Distinctive Melon Flavor: Indulge in the unique and refreshing taste of Jonetz Melon Soda, featuring a distinctive melon flavor that's both sweet and satisfying.

  3. Imported Quality: Imported directly to bring you an authentic Japanese beverage experience, Jonetz Melon Soda maintains its original quality and flavor for a delightful drinking experience.

  4. Vibrant and Invigorating: Enjoy the vibrant green color and invigorating bubbles of Jonetz Melon Soda, creating a visually appealing and refreshing drink.

  5. Versatile Popular Japanese Beverage: Perfect for any occasion, Jonetz Melon Soda can be enjoyed on its own as a refreshing thirst-quencher or paired with snacks and meals for a flavorful combination. A very popular beverage in Japan is to pair it with a scoop of Japanese vanilla ice cream.


What's Inside (Bottle):

  • Jonetz Melon Soda (16.91 fl. oz.)


How to Enjoy:

  1. Chill the Jonetz Melon Soda for a cool and refreshing drink.
  2. Open the bottle and experience the delightful aroma and taste of melon with every sip.
  3. Serve in a glass with ice for an extra refreshing experience, or enjoy it straight from the bottle.


Treat yourself to the unique and delicious flavor of Jonetz Melon Soda 16.91 fl. oz., a refreshing Japanese beverage that brings the taste of ripe melons right to your palate

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