Collection: Introducing Japanese Rice Topping & Seasoning

Certainly! Japanese cuisine offers a wide variety of rice toppings and seasonings that add delicious flavors and textures to plain rice. Here are some popular ones:

"Takiomi Gohan" 
Takikomi Gohan is a flavorful Japanese rice dish cooked with various ingredients and seasoned with soy sauce, sake, and other seasonings. It's similar to sushi rice but cooked with additional ingredients, providing extra flavor and texture. 

"Spam Musubi"
Spam musubi is a popular Hawaiian snack that features a slice of grilled Spam (canned precooked meat) placed on top of a block of rice, all wrapped together with a strip of nori (seaweed). It's a simple yet delicious snack that combines Japanese and Hawaiian flavors. 

"Nori Tsukudani"
Nori tsukudani is a traditional Japanese condiment made by simmering nori seaweed in a mixture of soy sauce, mirin (sweet rice wine), sugar, and sometimes other seasonings until it becomes intensely flavored and slightly sticky. It's a savory-sweet condiment that's typically served as a topping for rice or used as a flavor enhancer in various dishes.